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We love the free, melodic sound – fun and freedom of the sound is our focus.

who we are

Michael Pabst

has been building steel drums since 2003, with the introduction of handpan production also handpans since 2007.
It is therefore one of the first in handpan construction.
In addition to the handpan, he also plays the piano and steel drums.

Andre Krause

has been with us since 2011 and was initially enthusiastic about building pianos.
As a career changer, however, he came to handpans and “cheated” on piano construction. 😉

We both come from different steel drum houses – employed at first, because this job is based on experience. So we can draw on a total of almost 23 years of our own and 60 years of previous professional experience in the field of steel drum and handpan construction.

Steel drums and handpans do not differ at all in terms of the principle of sound generation. Each note can be seen as a kind of vibrating membrane – similar to a loudspeaker membrane and the whole instrument takes itself as a resonator.

Only the structure and the intonation of the sound field differ somewhat – and here is the big dichotomy between “right” and “wrong”. Our opinion: there is no right or wrong!

Because that’s what the viewer – the listener – decides.

Handpans as well as steel drums can be “colored” in the sound. Really every handpan maker has his own handwriting and immortalizes it in the instrument, his own sound, his style, his individual (sound) color is sold with it.

We love the free, melodic sound – fun and freedom of the sound is our focus.

Our philosophy: the highest quality at a fair price – plus professional advice and the best service.

We don’t work with ready-made mechanical sound bodies – we only make our instruments from a “bowl” with a hand and a hammer.

Music is something indescribably beautiful. Humans can do so much with it. Fun and relaxation alone are two important components for being happy and reducing the stress of everyday life.

The handpan is a unique gateway to music – usually you don’t need any lessons to achieve the positive properties. You will immediately notice how the handpan and music connect people, moving them to harmony.

We are happy to have come to this art and are passionate about it – you should be able to hear that! =)

If you are particularly interested in this, you are welcome to ask us for photos of the handpan you have ordered!
We will then take a few photos while we are making your handpan. 🙂

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