YubiPan “OM-Cosma” 432Hz incl. backpack bag


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The mystical-beautiful minor experience in 432.1Hz.

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YubiPan “OM-Cosma” 432Hz incl. backpack bag

The mystical-beautiful minor experience in 432Hz. If you ask us, we will prefer this tuning. Also known as the “C# Minor Kurd” tuning, everyone will be recommend this scale. She has this wonderful vibe like mystical, melancholy-beautiful dreams. That’s why this is one of the most popular tunings ever!

Video of the YubiPan “OM-Cosma”

Yubi is ja –pan– nese (pronounced: youbi) and means finger – we thougt thats a more appropriate name, ’cause the tonal surfaces of a handpan are actually played with the finger, rather less with the whole hand.

Like the Caisa, the YubiPan will be made by hand and every single hammer blow is made by muscle power. Thats about 20.000 hammer blows for each instrument!

The diameter is 53 cm, the height is approx. 22.5 cm and it weighs only approx. 3.5 kg. Since the tones are worked out by hand, the height can vary slightly, depending on the tuning.
It is therefore relatively small, this makes the handpan even easier to play.

As with the stainless steel Caisa, the surface and color depends on a heat treatment and is therefore naturally unique with every YubiPan.

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