Caisa “Custom / Choose your scale” stainless steel incl. backpack bag


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We build that is possible!

Choose Tuning: Custom tuning

Caisa “Custom / Wunschstimmung” stainless steel incl. backpack bag

We build what is possible!

Custom – choose your own scale

Diameter: 58cm
Height approx. 19 cm
Weight approx. 4,6Kg

If you’ve fallen in love with a tuning but it’s not in our range – no problem!
We build everything that is possible or even more 😉
Even if you only have a video of a tuning, we’ll figure out the scale and happily build it!

9 tones = 1550€
10 tones = 1610€
13 tones = 1850€
Up to 17 tones are possible on the Caisa, depending on the tuning.

The exact price depends on the effort, we are happy to make an offer.

The Caisa is a unique instrument with a highly unique harmonic and round sound.
Played with the hands, the Caisa unfolds its wonderful harmonic sound, which is also
can sound quite meditative.
It invites to play free and intuitive, so that even
Beginners quickly learn how to play it.

This semi-convex steelpan is handmade in our own workshop from selected raw materials
and tailored to its future owner and his preferences.

The design of the Caisa is unique in the world and differs from all other Handpans.
There are 9 – 12 tone fields hammered into the domed upper part, which give the Caisa its typical sound.
The beautiful bronze color is created during a natural process of heat treatment.
The surface and color of each Caisa is naturally individual and varies from instrument to instrument.
The domes are polished to a mirror finish.

It is available in seven standard tunings or in your own tuning on request.
For the very personal manufacturing and tuning we are always happy to advise.we keep a waiting list, the delivery time varies from a few weeks to a few months.
The current waiting time can be requested from us.

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